Delivering Early Help

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

Common Assessment Framework

What is the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)?

Identifying and meeting needs at the earliest opportunity

  • The CAF process can help identify, at the earliest opportunity, if a child or young person needs some extra help.
  • A CAF form is a simple, standardised assessment form.
  • A CAF can be undertaken by anyone who works with the child or young person.
  • It can only be completed if a child, young person and/or their parents/carers gives consent.
  • A CAF form is filled in after a discussion with the child or young person and their parents or carers as appropriate and identifies their strengths and needs.
  • A completed form can be used to share information with other people who might be able to offer some help (but only if consent is given).
  • If multi-agency support is required everyone who might be able to help can be invited to a CAF Team Around the Family multi-agency meeting – one person is chosen as a Lead Professional to co-ordinate the actions that are agreed at the meeting.

 CAF Champions are practitioners in Medway who have experience of completing CAF forms or have in-depth knowledge of the CAF process.